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Baby Equipment Rental Europe

Babies Travel Lite Announces Strategic Alliance with Bebebel

Rent Baby Equipment

Traveling to Europe with your baby and need supplies?

Babies Travel Lite would like to help make your baby vacation easier; however, country specific customs regulations and high shipping and import costs can make it difficult or impossible for us to ship your baby vacation supplies to Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and many other European destinations. If you still want your US baby products shipped ahead Babies Travel Lite can help, but consult the chart below for specific restrictions.

Your answer to easier European infant travel is Bebebel!

Crib Rental Europe

Based in Spain and selling the best baby supplies made in the United Kingdom and Europe, Bebebel can have your baby vacation supplies waiting at your European family vacation destination. Enjoy the benefits of lightening your load and make traveling with your baby more enjoyable by shipping ahead all your baby travel supplies.

Available Brands & Products

When you travel with your baby you want to make sure you have brand name products you can trust. Bebebel carries the best brands available in the United Kingdom and Europe ensuring that you will find many of the brands you all ready know trust and some new high quality brands you can rely on while traveling with your baby.

Here are some tips that might make brand selection easier.

Prices start off at 50 ($75) for 10 kilos (22lbs) and go up in 5 kilo (11lbs) increments depending on your destination country. Please go to Bebebel for more details about international destinations serviced and shipping prices.

International Shipping Restrictions For US Products

If the chart below does not answer your questions, please refer to our complete list of shipping restrictions or contact Babies Travel Lite to answer any questions you might have.

Country Prohibited Items With Limitations
Germany No consumable items, no cosmetics*
Greece No consumable items, no cosmetics*
Italy Consumable items OK Requires $150 Health Permit
Portugal No cosmetics
Spain No consumable items, no cosmetics*

*Cosmetics -- Cosmetics include all creams, ointments, powders, soaps, lotions and anything for application on the skin.
*Consumable Items -- Consumable items include all food items, beverages and formula.

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