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8 Day Diaper Baby Bundle

8 Day Diaper Baby Bundle Description
Don't worry about gathering your diapering supplies for your vacation, just order one of our Diaper Bundles and you'll have everything you need for changing your baby while away from home .

Babies Travel Lite 8 Day Diaper Baby Bundle includes all of the following items:
  • Eight day supply of your brand of diapers packed into eight sturdy resealable bags
  • Your choice of three travel packs of wipes
  • Your choice of two full size tubs of diaper wipes
  • Two Packs of 75 Classy Kid Clean & Green baby powder scented dirty diaper disposal bags
  • Three Tidy Topper Disposable Changing Pads Resealable Packs of 10

Spend your time planning fun activities, not worrying about what to put into the diaper bag. Diaper Baby Bundles are available in all sizes and includes the average number of diapers used by your size baby daily. Please refer to the Diaper Size chart below for the quantity of diapers for each size.

Customize your bundle! After you add your bundle to your cart you will have the chance to add optional items to your bundle.

Make Your Bundle Choices:

Select Diaper Brand: 

Select Diaper Size: 

Select Travel Wipes: 

Select Brand of Wipes: 

2 Packs Classy Kid Clean & Green Diaper Sacks (75/pack ea) 

3 Resealable Packs of Tidy Topper Disposable Changing Pads (20 Count ea) 

Your Final Price: 


Diaper Size Chart

Size Diapers Per Day Disposal Bags Per Day Total for Eight Days
Size 1 11 11 88
Size 2 10 10 80
Size 2-3 9 9 72
Size 3 9 9 72
Size 4 8 8 64
Size 5 7 7 56
Size 6 6 6 48
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